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SMART USB Outlets – Charge ALL of your devices!


Smart USB Outlet – Convenient and Efficient Charging Station in your Home! Tired of losing your favorite electrical device’s charging adapters? Hire your  Southern Florida electrician, America’s Best Air Conditioning, Heating & Electrical, to install your new SMART USB outlet! Not only can you plug any USB device in to charge, the USB outlet contains a small…

Zero Money Down Financing! Additional Coupons Inside!

green house

America’s Best Air Conditioning, Heating & Electrical just made it easier for you to afford a quality, high-efficiency HVAC system with our newest financing program! Within seconds of applying, you will find out if you are pre-approved! This is the smartest alternative to traditional credit-based financing! This financing is also available for electric vehicle charging…

Tips & Tricks For Keeping Cool This Summer!

stay cool

Summer has finally graced us with its presence! Complaints of “Summer will never get here” are now turning into “It’s too hot, my electric bill is going to be huge!” — Yes, air conditioning does make your home cooler, and yes, fans do circulate that cool air and make it feel even better. However, these are…

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