DCC-9 Energy Management System by Thermolec

product-dcc9America’s Best Air Conditioning, Heating & Electrical LLC offers Thermolec’s DCC-9, an energy management system developed to connect an EV charger to a panel’s main feeder without influencing load calculation. The DCC-9 can be installed in homes and condos, and the system provides inexpensive EV charger installations by permitting connections between EV chargers and fully loaded panels. The DCC-9 controls the energy capacity and the amount of power delivered to the EV charger. Thermolec has designed the DCC-9 to be installed in electrical rooms of condos and in electrical panels that don’t have adequate capacity in homes.

During installation, technicians from America’s Best Air Conditioning, Heating & Electrical LLC can mount the DCC-9 onto a wall or ceiling as long as the nameplate maintains visibility. The DCC-9 is not designed for installation outdoors unless sufficient protection from moisture is present. Additionally, the DCC-9 shouldn’t be installed near fuels and explosives or chemical vapors and products.

How Does the DCC-9 Operate?

The DCC-9 energy management system offered by Americas Best Air Conditioning, Heating & Electrical LLC re-energizes the EV charger automatically when the power consumption reaches less than 80% of the main circuit breaker’s capacity for a period of over 15 minutes. Additionally, the DCC-9 identifies when the power consumption surpasses 80% of the main circuit breaker’s capacity, de-energizing the EV charger temporarily.

What Does the DCC-9 Offer?

  • Doesn’t impact the load calculations of electrical panels
  • Can be installed on a ceiling or wall by trained professionals at America’s Best Air Conditioning, Heating & Electrical LLC
  • Suitable for electrical panels without extra breaker slots
  • Includes a charge controller, an EV charger breaker (Max 60A), pre-wired current transformers (CT), and a splitter box (Max 125A)
  • Involves automatic billing of electricity for condo installations

If you need the DCC-9 for your electric car then please call us at 561-409-5555 or complete our online request form.